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slitting machine with static elimination brush


It is a fixed type static elimination special equipment. Is a rod type of static electricity products. Its strong ion wind removes static electricity and foreign matter on the surface of objects, dust, and belongs to industrial class. It is suitable for electrostatic dust removal of plane objects. It needs to be equipped with high-voltage generator. It has the characteristics of easy installation, stable operation, strong wind speed, and high static elimination speed. .

The principle of action:
The ion wind bar can generate a large number of air currents with positive and negative charges. The compressed gas can be blown out at high speed to neutralize the charge on the object. When the surface of the object is negatively charged, it will attract the air flow. Positive charge, when the charge on the surface of the object is a positive charge, it will attract the negative charge in the airflow, so that the static electricity on the surface of the object is neutralized to achieve the purpose of eliminating static electricity.

Quickly eliminate static electricity. Stable performance; in addition to a wide range of static electricity, electrostatic stick length can be customized. In addition to static electricity and dust removal effects, the air valve can be adjusted to arbitrarily adjust the air volume and the wind power is strong.

typical application:
Precision electronic product production; Electronic assembly line, pharmaceutical manufacturing assembly line, printing, packaging; small product molding, textile industry, winding, slitting, film cutting.

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